Family Folklore Foundation, Inc.

About Us

Our mission is to offer educational opportunities to intergenerational community members using literacy and problem-solving strategies to make the world a better place. 

Friends of Family Folklore Foundation, Inc. are Welcome at $50, $100, $500, $1000 Levels!

Our goods are the magazines and documentaries we create from our events.  Their sales finance our mission, allowing for a portion to be given back to the community.

Our services are designing events based on community interests, and implementing the events.

Our conventions are opportunites to share new understandings with the world.  Keynote speakers will address our interests.  Tours of local sights are educational avenues.  Booth space is available for a nominal charge. 

President-Dr. Meg Grandfield DeMakas, author, illustrator, professor, educational consultant.

Vice-President-Kathleen A. Anton, Registered Nurse, business owner, visiting nurse, artist, humanitarian.

Treasurer-Karen A. Wagner, administrative assistant, volunteer, naturalist, organic gardener.

Secretary-Margaret Johnson, personnel, merchandizing, home engineer, humanitarian.

(Pictured below, left to right: Margaret Johnson, Kathleen Anton, Karen Wagner, and Meg DeMakas)
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